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Broadcasts 24/7 on 102.5


Broadcasts 24/7 on FineMus


Pre-Recorded Promotions


30 Second pre-recorded on air promotions voiced with a music bed. Costs vary depending on the time and program in which the promotion is aired.  

Time slots include Breakfast, Morning, Afternoon, Drive, Evening, as well as Peak and Off-peak programming. 


Fine Music is restricted to five minutes of advertising per hour, therefore your message is able to make the best impact possible. A minimum booking of 7 spots allows Fine Music to handle the production of your promotion free of charge.

30 Second Promo Example - Fine Music 102.5
00:00 / 00:00

Arts Calendar

$250 per listing 


5 live reads/mentions over one week in prime time.


Arts Calendar is an on air listing of events coming up in the Sydney region, read during Breakfast (7:30am) and Drive

(5pm), Monday to Friday. 


Your listing alternates between Breakfast and Drive over a period of one week starting on a Monday and ending on Friday.


Arts Calendar Example - Fine Music 102.5
00:00 / 00:00

Jazz calendar 

$200 per listing 

5 live reads/mentions over one week, alternating between 12pm and 7pm Jazz-specific programmes. 

cd of the week

$220 EACH

Air-time of tracks from your CD during prime time on Breakfast, from Monday to Friday. Promotion space on the home page of the Fine Music website included.

The perfect way to promote your music or label and gain new listeners.